Forestville Millpond Drawdown Information

In summer of 2020 we are near the half-way point of the drawdown of the Forestville Millpond.  The drawdown is a temporary lowering of water levels by opening the sluice valve at the dam on the Ahnapee River.  The purpose is to address shallow water depth, lack of abundance and diversity of native plants, a fish community dominated by carp and poor water quality within the Millpond.  More information is available here:

Forestville Millpond Drawdown
Prep & Drawdown
Summer Fall 2019
Maintain Drawdown
Fall 2019 to Fall 2021

Millpond Refill
Fall 2021
Post Refill Activities

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The sluice valve on the dam is open and water levels in the Millpond rise/fall with precipitation and hydrologic conditions.

The Ahnapee River is channelized during dry periods, allowing the majority of the Millpond bottom sediments to oxidize, decompose and consolidate.

061720 Drone Mosaic