Cows, Chickens, Sheep, Horses, Pigs, Ducks, Rabbits, Goats, Turkeys, and more... We've got them all!


Entry Day:

Animals can arrive at the fair between Wednesday, July 28th starting at noon - Thursday, July 29th until 6:00 pm. No late entries will be accepted. Exhibitors must have entry tags for all animals, mandatory health forms, must weigh-in (if applicable), and must abide by the rules of the premium list.

Animal Judging:

Animal judging is open to the public. Check out this schedule to see when you can watch Door County exhibitors show off their animals that they have worked so hard to raise!


Horse Pleasure Show - 8:30 am, Horse Arena
Beef Show - 6:30 pm, Dairy Barn


Goats/Dairy Show - 8:00 am, Dairy Barn
Rabbit Show - 9:00 am, Chicken/Rabbit Barn
Sheep Show - 6:30 pm, Pig/Sheep Barn


Swine Show - 8:30 am, Pig/Sheep Barn
Poultry Show - 9:00 am, Chicken/Rabbit Barn
QMAS Auction - 7:00 pm, Dairy Barn


Gymkhana Show - 9:00 am, Horse Arena

Quality Market Animal Sale Program -Sheep Show

Check out the great work the QMAS committee does to help local youth learn about agribusiness through animal projects that instill leadership, confidence, and life skills!